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The MES Administrator

The MES Administrator is our newest addition to the Medical Educational Software Programs.
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MES Administrator

The MES Administrator contains five primary sections:

MES Administrator

Set Program Security, Program Password, Total Exam Questions of a Program:
Set Program Security: This feature allows you to set an MES program to either Locked mode or Open Enrollment mode. Locked mode - anyone accessing the program must have a valid Login Name and Login Password and be assigned to the program. Open Enrollment - anyone may access the program.

Program Password: This feature allows you to set your own customized password for each MES program. This feature is optional. If you donít set a password, the program will not ask for a password upon entry into the program. If you choose to set a password, the program will request the password upon entry into the program. If the program is password protected, no one may access the program without knowing the correct password.

Total Exam Questions of a Program: This feature sets the total number of test questions for the exam of an MES program - 50, 75, or 100 total test questions.

MES Administrator

Add / Edit / Delete Students: This section is for adding, editing, or deleting students to the database.

MES Administrator

Assignments: By Student or By Program: This feature allows you to Assign Programs to students. If the program is in Locked mode, once the student has completed the exam of an assigned program, the program is removed from the student's assigned program list. If you want the student to be able to access the program again, you must run The MES Administrator and re-assign the student to the particular program. If using Login Names and Login Passwords, you should also set assigned programs to Locked Mode.

MES Administrator

View Score Reports: By Student or By Program or By All Reports: This feature allows you to view a record of all students' score reports.

MES Administrator

Maintenance: Backup Database or Purge Old Reports: This feature allows you to make a backup copy of The MES Administrator's database file or to restore a backed up copy. This section also allows the ability to delete student score records that are outdated and no longer needed.

The MES Administrator is password protected. You may change the password at any time by choosing "Change The MES Administrator password" from the Main Menu.

Note: this program is for institutional purchase only.

Software Title:
The Medical Educational Software (MES) Administrator
Arterial Blood Gases Part I: Blood Gas Sampling & Interpretation
Arterial Blood Gases Part II: Clinical Application of Blood Gases
Electrocardiography Part I: Cardiac Electrophysiology & The Electrocardiogram
Electrocardiography Part II: Basic Arrhythmia Recognition
Electrocardiography Part III: Advanced Arrhythmia Recognition
Hemodynamic Monitoring Part I: Waveform Recognition
Hemodynamic Monitoring Part II: Clinical Application
Hemodynamic Monitoring Part III: Continuous SvO2 Monitoring
Chest Tubes & Chest Drainage Systems
Fluid, Electrolyte, & Acid-Base Balance
The Complete Chest Examination

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