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Arterial Blood Gases (ABG) Part I - Blood Gas Sampling & Interpretation

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Obtaining Blood Gas Samples:
  • Pre Sampling Preparation: Explains the importance of checking orders, ensuring the correct oxygen therapy, etc.
  • Arterial Sampling Sites: Details the three most common arterial sampling sites: radial, brachial, and femoral.
  • Modified Allen's Test: Through graphics and computerized animation, the user is shown how to perform a modified Allen's test.
  • Arterial Puncture Technique: Through graphics and computerized animation, the user is shown how to obtain an arterial blood gas by performing an arterial puncture.
  • Arterial Line Sampling: Through graphics and computerized animation, the user is shown how to obtain an arterial blood gas from an arterial line.
  • Capillary Samples: Through graphics and computerized animation, the user is shown how to obtain a blood gas by capillary technique.

  • Blood Gas Sampling Errors: Presents the effects and clinical recommendation of the following five types of blood gas sampling errors:
           - Air or air bubbles left in the blood gas sample.
           - Delay in icing or analyzing the blood gas sample.
           - Excess heparin left in the blood gas syringe.
           - Obtaining a venous sample or a venous admixture sample.
           - Alterations in temperature.

Interpretation Tutorial: The Interpretation Tutorial is an extensive tutorial that teaches the user the basics of arterial blood gas interpretation - contains practice sessions along with print options.

Basic Blood Gas Interpretations: Basic Blood Gas Interpretations gives the pH, PaCO2, and HCO3 to interpret and contains a Test Section as well as a Practice Session. The Test Section tallies a score and has the feature of printing a detailed score report. The Practice Session guides the user through a correct choice when the wrong interpretation has been chosen. Each section gives virtually an unlimited supply of computer randomized blood gases to interpret.

Advanced Blood Gas Interpretations: Advanced Blood Gas Interpretations is set up similar to the Basic Blood Gas Interpretation section, except only the pH and PaCO2 are given. This section is designed to "fine tune" the user's skills at interpreting.

Print Options: Print Options lets the user print up to 250 (in less than 2 minutes!) randomized basic or advanced blood gases to interpret each set has its own answer key. And, since each set of blood gases is randomized, each set will be different!

Comprehensive Review Quiz: The Comprehensive Review Quiz contains a test bank of 100 test questions obtained from all sections of Arterial Blood Gases - Part I. The test questions are generated in a randomized fashion and feedback is given for correctchoices as well as incorrect choices. The user has the option of printing a score report after completing the quiz.

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