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Chest Tubes & Chest Drainage Systems

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Rationale for Chest Drainage:
  • Introduction to the Thoracic System and the Pleural Space: Displays and describes the anatomy of the thoracic system. Through graphics and computerized animation the pleural cavity is presented along with the pleural linings of the lungs and chest wall. Describes the elastic forces between the lungs and chest wall. Emphasizes the importance of maintaining subatmospheric intrapleural pressure.
  • Abnormalities of the Pleural Space: Through graphics and computerized animation this section details pneumothorax (closed, open, tension) and pleural effusion and describes the causes for these conditions and the appropriate corrective therapeutic interventions. Also included in this section is a description of various types of fluid or other material that may accumulate in the pleural space, thus causing separation of the visceral and parietal membranes and compression of the lung.
The Chest Tube:
  • Characteristics of Chest Tubes - This section displays and discusses the composition, component features, length, and size of the various chest tubes currently on the market.
  • Chest Tube Insertion Procedure - This section shows the user the correct location to place a chest tube when draining air, blood, or fluid. This section also details the equipment required for the chest tube insertion procedure and how to select a chest tube based on the patient's age and size. The user is shown the step-by-step procedure for chest tube insertion.
  • Sutures and Chest Tubes - This section shows the user the correct method for suturing a chest tube to the chest wall.
  • Tube Connection - The user is shown how to connect the chest tube to the latex tubing connected to the chest drainage system and the appropriate method to secure the two ends.
  • Troubleshooting Techniques - This section discusses the pros and cons of the various methods utilized to maintain tube patency and for clot removal (stripping, milking, squeezing hand over hand, fanfolding). This section also identifies the reasons for clamping a chest tube, complications of clamping the chest tube, and accidental tube dislodgment.
  • Chest Tube Removal - This section describes the conditions that should be met prior to chest tube removal, the chest tube removal procedure, and patient monitoring following chest tube removal.
Chest Drainage Systems: This section provides a complete and detailed presentation of the following chest drainage systems: One-Bottle Chest Drainage System, Two-Bottle Chest Drainage System, Three- Bottle Chest Drainage System, Commercial Chest Drainage Systems.

System Setup And Patient Monitoring: This section details the equipment needed to set up a commercial chest drainage system; patient instruction and preparation; the procedure for assembling the chest drainage system; performing a thorough system check after the chest drainage system is assembled and connected to the patient; and the appropriate items to document after system setup.

Comprehensive Review Quiz: The Comprehensive Review Quiz contains a test bank of 140 test questions obtained from all sections of Chest Tubes & Chest Drainage Systems. The test questions are generated in a randomized fashion and feedback is given for correct choices as well as incorrect choices. The user has the option of printing a score report after completing the quiz.

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