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Respiratory Software
Self-Evaluation Clinical Simulation Examination I
Self-Evaluation Clinical Simulation Examination II
Self-Evaluation Clinical Simulation Examination III

New for 2016
Updated to the 2015 Matrix
& Current Standards of Therapy

Each Self-Evaluation Clinical Simulation Examination features the following:
  • Twenty-two clinical simulations (20 scored clinical simulations and 2 pretest clinical simulations) typical of the clinical simulations contained in the actual credentialing Clinical Simulation Examination.
    • Each Clinical Simulation Examination contains the following content:
      2 COPD conservative management simulations
      2 COPD critical care management simulations
      3 Adult trauma simulations
      3 Adult cardiovascular simulations
      2 Adult neurological or neuromuscular simulations
      2 Pediatric simulations
      2 Neonatal simulations
      4 Adult medical or surgical simulations
      2 Random pretest simulations

  • The program automatically moves the user through each clinical simulation until all 22 clinical simulations have been completed.
  • The user is given a 4 hour time limit to complete the 22 clinical simulations. If the user is not finished with the 22 clinical simulations in 4 hours, the examination is terminated and the user will immediately be taken into the score report section.
  • The score generated from the program is fashioned in a similar manner as the report the user will receive from the National Board for Respiratory Care after taking the actual credentialing Clinical Simulation Examination. Additionally, the total score, proficiency score, efficiency score, errors of omission score, errors of commission score, and overall competence score are reported.
  • After the user has seen his or her score, he/she will have the opportunity to print the score report and (if the educator has set the program to teach mode) to go back through each simulation to view the correct responses and compare them to his or her responses.
  • While viewing responses, the user is provided an explanation that identifies the rationale behind the correct response(s).
  • Use the Respiratory Administrator to set teach / test mode, passwords, and view users and scores.

Note: these programs are for institution purchase only.


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