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Respiratory Software
Respiratory Administrator

The Respiratory Administrator is our newest addition to the Respiratory Self-Evaluation Software Programs – and best of all – it is available FREE with your Respiratory Self-Evaluation Software Program purchase. The Respiratory Administrator replaces the Course Management System (CMS). The Respiratory Administrator is easy to install and easy to use. It contains six primary sections:
  • Set Teach / Test Mode: This feature allows you to choose whether you want your students to view their answers and compare them with the correct answers, and to view the rationale for the correct answers. Each self-evaluation software program can be individually set to either the teach mode or test mode.
  • Set Program Passwords: This feature allows you to set your own customized password for each self-evaluation software program. This feature is optional. If you don’t set a password, the program will not ask for a password upon entry into the program. If you choose to set a password, the program will request the password upon entry into the program. If the program is password protected, no one may access the program without knowing the correct password.
  • Set Program Security: This feature allows you to set a self-evaluation software program to a Secure Mode where anyone accessing the program must have a valid Login Name and Login Password and be assigned to the program.
  • Set Login Names, Passwords, Assign Programs: This feature allows you to set Login Names and Login Passwords and Assign Programs to users. After setting a Login Name and Password for a user, you must assign the desired self-evaluation software program to the user. Once the user has completed the assigned program, the program is removed from the user's assigned program list. If you want the user to be able to access the program again, you must run The Respiratory Administrator and re-assign the user to the particular program. If using Login Names and Login Passwords, you should also set assigned programs to Secure Mode (see Set Program Security).
  • View Student Score Records: This feature allows you to view a record of each and every user of the self-evaluation software programs. If the user received a score report, you will see the complete score report that the user received. If the user exited the program before receiving a score report, you will see a record of the time, date, user name, user ID and the statement that the user viewed the questions of the program but exited before receiving a score report.
  • Maintenance: This feature allows you to make a backup copy of The Respiratory Administrator's database file or to restore a backed up copy. New for 2016 is the ability to delete student score records that are outdated and no longer needed.

The Respiratory Administrator is password protected. You may change the password at any time by choosing "Change The Respiratory Administrator password" from the Main Menu.


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