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C&S Solutions Software Price List
Please Note: Single user programs may NOT be purchased by institutions or a representative of an institution.

SINGLE USER PURCHASES:  Single user purchases are not for institutional purchase. These programs may be installed on one computer for home use only. Any attempt by an institution or a representative of an institution to purchase a single user program will be rejected.

SITE LICENSE PURCHASES:  C&S Solutions offers a generous site and network license that allows the purchased program to be installed and run on any computer within the immediate institution and across a network system of that institution. If the network system includes satellite campuses, the programs may be run from these satellite campuses. However, separate extension campuses or a separate network system will require an additional site and network license. We offer significant discounts for additional site and network licenses. Please call 1 (800) 960-1618 for details.

UPGRADE PURCHASES:  Upgrade your current programs from C&S Solutions to our latest versions for 45% of the current purchase price.

Medical Educational Software Single User Site License
  MES-01: Arterial Blood Gases Part I $69.50 $495.00
  MES-02: Arterial Blood Gases Part II $69.50 $495.00
  MES-03: Electrocardiography Part I $69.50 $495.00
  MES-04: Electrocardiography Part II $69.50 $495.00
  MES-05: Electrocardiography Part III $69.50 $495.00
  MES-06: Hemodynamic Monitoring Part I $69.50 $495.00
  MES-07: Hemodynamic Monitoring Part II $69.50 $495.00
  MES-08: Hemodynamic Monitoring Part III $69.50 $495.00
  MES-09: Chest Tubes & Chest Drainage Systems $69.50 $495.00
  MES-10: Fluid, Electrolyte & Acid-Base Balance $69.50 $495.00
  MES-11: The Complete Chest Examination $69.50 $495.00

Respiratory Self-Evaluation Software Single User Site License
  RSS-04: Therapist Multiple Choice Examination I - $595.00
  RSS-05: Therapist Multiple Choice Examination II - $595.00
  RSS-06: Therapist Multiple Choice Examination III - $595.00
  RSS-07: Clinical Simulation Examination I - $1,845.00
  RSS-08: Clinical Simulation Examination II - $1,845.00
  RSS-09: Clinical Simulation Examination III - $1,845.00
  ACS-01 to ACS-50: Any One Adult Clinical Simulation - $275.00
  PCS-01 to PCS-15: Any One Pediatric Clinical Simulation - $275.00
  NCS-01 to NCS-15: Any One Neonatal Clinical Simulation - $275.00