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My Quilting Math Buddy
Software Program

My Quilting Math Buddy - fabric calculator
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Description:  My Quilting Math Buddy will guide you through the mathematics of piecing your next quilt project and do all the calculations for you!

Now quilt math has never been easier - within seconds the calculations are done!

My Quilting Math Buddy Software Program is very user-friendly with little to no learning curve. Just enter the required information and click "Calculate" - that's all there is to it.

My Quilting Math Buddy is simply the best quilting calculator you'll ever own!

My Quilting Math Buddy contains the following sections:

  • Custom Quilt Size
  • Simple Quilt Project
  • Custom Quilt Project
  • Specialty Blocks
  • Sashings & Cornerstones
  • Borders
  • Binding
  • Backing
  • Fabric Estimator / Number of Blocks Estimator
  • On-Point Quilts: Setting Triangles & Setting Corners
  • Enlarging / Reducing Quilt Blocks
  • View My Setting Preferences
  • View My Saved Projects


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My Quilting Math Buddy
My Quilting Math Buddy - Quilter's Math Made Sew Easy!