Software Help - Installation & Troubleshooting
Network Installation
Our software is a simple install to either a network drive or local hard drive. A windows OS is required. Our current software is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10, both 32-bit and 64-bit. Software that was purchased before 2010 is not 64-bit compatible nor Windows 8 or 10 compatible.

If running from a network drive, we recommend installing the software to the server, then mapping a drive on local work stations and running the software via the mapped drive, not directly from the server. Clients have also had success running the software via ghost or imaged drive. The software should be registered before deploying the imaged drive.

Installation of the programs from all CDs and all Thumb Drives should be placed in one central folder on the network drive, not spread across several folders. The reason for this is all programs and the Respiratory Administrator need one central location to manage its database files.

Software Registration
Registering the software requires the original software CD/Thumb Drive. Simply run the Registration program while the software CD/Thumb Drive is inserted into the drive and follow the instructions from the main screen.

Please ensure that the corresponding CD/Thumb Drive is in the drive that matches the entered Serial Number.

Please ensure that the correct Registration Code is entered that corresponds with the Serial Number.

During registration, a registration file is placed in the same folder where the programs are installed. Administrator rights are required for the Registration program to be able to place the registration file on the hard drive in the same folder where the programs are installed.

If receiving a registration unsuccessful error (System error – cannot complete Registration), the most likely cause is a permissions issue. Even though you may have Administrator Rights, Windows may still block the Registration program from placing a file on the hard drive. To solve this issue, first close the Registration program. Then right-click on the Registration program, left-click on “Run as administrator”. This usually solves the permissions issue.

Network Use / Multiple Users
For multiple users to be able to run the software across a network system at the same time, all *.exe and *.sbk files (located in the primary program folder) must be marked Read only with the Archive (Write) attribute disabled.

If the Read only is not enabled with the Write attribute disabled, only one user will be able to run the program. All other users will receive an error.

Student/Educator Permissions
Students and Educators must be given full permissions (read, write, share, create, edit, delete) to the sub-folders (created when running the Respiratory Administrator or a software program for the first time) and Educators need full permissions for running the Respiratory Administrator. Full permissions are needed for managing database files.

Our software works with database files, so students and educators require the read, write, execute, create, delete, and modify permissions for the files created and stored in the sub-folders.

If an Educator has set student login names, program assignments, etc., in the Respiratory Administrator, then runs the Respiratory Administrator at a later date and finds the student information or assignments missing, it is either a permissions issue or the new database files placed in the sub-folders were deleted during a system reset.

If IT can run any of the programs or the Respiratory Administrator with their permissions set without issues, and Educators and Students cannot, it is a permissions issue.

If it is certain that the problem is not a permissions issue (99% of the time the issue IS a permissions issue),
then the following may be tried to solve the issue:
      -Increase the number of simultaneous users of a shared folder
      -Increase the connection limit of the network
      -Increase the number of network access to files
      -May be a temporary disconnect from the network
      -May be an unstable connection to the network

Miscellaneous Issues/Errors

If the software programs have been running fine without issues and suddenly there are issues: something in the system has changed. The most common reason for the programs to suddenly have issues is a Windows upgrade (e.g., upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10) and required permissions have not been set after the upgrade. See above "Student/Educator Permissions".

Input or output error reading from or writing to a file: with this error, there are two possible causes:

  • 1. Without adequate user permissions, Windows is blocking the user/program from reading from or writing to a required file. If IT can run the program with their permissions set without getting this error message, and Educators and Students cannot, then it is a user permissions issue. See above "Student/Educator Permissions".
  • 2. A database file is in Read only mode and needs the Archive (Write) attribute enabled. Ensure that ALL files in the sub-folders are set to Archive (Write) enabled and that Read only is disabled.

Not a valid file name: this error message means the file cannot be found at the specified path. Check that the path is correct and that the shortcut to the file is correct.

Respiratory Administrator Error: the maximum number of characters allowed in a field is 32,000: this error message displays when the user score files stored on the hard/network drive exceeds the capability of the database. On the hard/network drive, in the sub-folder (LOGSRESP, R-REPORT, or M-REPORT), delete old *.log files to get the maximum number of files to less than 200 - 250. Or if you have the 2016 software version, run the Respiratory Administrator, go into the Maintenance section and select to delete user score files older than a specified date.

No files matching the pattern ...: this error means that one or more database files in the sub-folder (DATAINFO, R-ASSIGN, or M-ASSIGN) may be corrupted. Simply delete all files in the specified sub-folder. This will reset the Respiratory Administrator to default settings. With default settings, student information and assignments will be deleted and will need to be re-entered.

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